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Vigil Member Sash
After two years as Brotherhood, a Member is eligible to be selected for the Vigil Honor. Youth and Adult dues-paid members may be nominated for outstanding service to Scouting, their Lodge, Chapter, and the community. This honor is so special that each Lodge may only select a certain number of candidates per year, based on their number of registered Members.

Any current dues-paid Lodge Member can nominate another who meets the above requirements by filling out the form
All nomination forms are due to the Vigil Committee. The nominations will then be reviewed to make sure the nominee has 2 years as Brotherhood and their dues are paid.
A Vigil Selection Committee will be chosen from the active Brotherhood and Vigil Youth Members from across the Lodge. This Committee will meet to select the Lodge's candidates for that year from the previously submitted nomination forms.
After the nominations are finalized, they are sent to the national office for approval
Following National approval, the Vigil Ceremony is held.