It's time to pay your 2021 dues!

Your Country needs you Erielhonan! This August 20-22 come down to Beaumont Scout Reservation so you can participate in the Erielhonan Salute to Service Summer Induction weekend.

  • A weekend long Salute to Service Theme

    • Compete with other Arrowmen for points in military themed challenges, games, and events

    • Sit in on presentations by members/veterans from branches of the US military

    • Honor the past, present, and future service members of Erielhonan Lodge

  • Get the opportunity to participate in the second event of the 2021 Erielhonan Olympics

You will be able to participate in a variety of activities, including capture the flag, branch themed program areas, and the Erielhonan "Basic Training" course. Best of all though, you will have the opportunity to compete for points in military-themed challenges in the second session of the 2021 Erielhonan Olympics so that you can hold the title of an Erielhonan Olympic medalist!

Summer Induction

Beaumont Scout Reservation

August 20-22, 2021

Fall Fellowship

Firelands Scout Reservation

September 24-26, 2021

Dear Erielhonan Lodge,

The past four weeks at Beaumont have been an adventure. We’ve had campers from all over the country come and enjoy the program we’re offering. We’ve experienced storms and heat waves and everything in between. However, my favorite part of camp has to be Thursday evening. That's when we have our 75th anniversary campfire and the OA call out. There's nothing like running out in front of hundreds of enthusiastic campers with the camp's leadership team or watching Scouts join our brotherhood like I did half a decade ago.

There’s something awe-inspiring about getting to lead the camp that created part of the Scout I am. Ever since I joined my troop in 2012, we’ve come to summer camp here at Beaumont. Those nine years since have allowed me to experience all camp has to offer and gain a great deal of knowledge of this camp. I love the fact that, especially with the 75th anniversary, I can pass that on to the next generation.

This year is one of my last years being so involved with Scouts before shipping off to the Marines. I’ve been reflecting on the past quite a bit and looking at what I’ve learned. I’ve enjoyed teaching scouts and passing my knowledge on, but, as always, my journey of leadership continues. Going into the year, I thought I knew all there was about leading, but being Assistant Program Director has truly reminded me that you can always learn something new. It’s been a joy to me to grow while out here and meet so many Arrowmen and Scouts from around the council and country.

This time next month, Evan and I will be coming home from the National Council of Chiefs at Philmont Scout Ranch. I know it will be quite the adventure for us and we will come home with more friends, adventures, and stories to tell all of you. I look forward to seeing all of you soon. Until then my friends, enjoy your summers.

Remember, do your best, to be prepared, to lead the adventure.

Trevor Halley

Lodge Chief