It's time to pay your 2021 dues!

Your Country needs you Erielhonan! This August 20-22 come down to Beaumont Scout Reservation so you can participate in the Erielhonan Salute to Service Summer Induction weekend.

  • A weekend long Salute to Service Theme

    • Compete with other Arrowmen for points in military themed challenges, games, and events

    • Sit in on presentations by members/veterans from branches of the US military

    • Honor the past, present, and future service members of Erielhonan Lodge

  • Get the opportunity to participate in the second event of the 2021 Erielhonan Olympics

You will be able to participate in a variety of activities, including capture the flag, branch themed program areas, and the Erielhonan "Basic Training" course. Best of all though, you will have the opportunity to compete for points in military-themed challenges in the second session of the 2021 Erielhonan Olympics so that you can hold the title of an Erielhonan Olympic medalist!

Summer Induction

Beaumont Scout Reservation

August 20-22, 2021

Fall Fellowship

Firelands Scout Reservation

September 24-26, 2021

Dear Erielhonan Lodge,

It was less than two weeks ago when over 230 of us were gathered at Firelands Scout Reservation for our Spring Induction and it has truly shown me what an amazing year we are going to have. In that 1 weekend, we broke our lodge's record for largest event and largest brotherhood class of 49. We even got to welcome 72 new members to the Erielhonan family. With all of these amazing points, I want to highlight some of my personal favorite parts.

I got to serve as an elangomat, where I guided 15 candidates through their ordeal. As many of us remember, the Ordeal has been one of the hardest parts of our OA journey, and as an elangomat, you willingly go through it once again. As much of an ordeal as it was going back through the ordeal (We love dad jokes), you also get a different view point. You knowingly know what to expect. I didn’t pay attention to how I felt more so I did for how the candidates were reacting with smiles on their face and the pride in their chest when they received their sash showed how worth it had all been.

In the evening, we gathered in the Wyandot dining hall for dinner and awards. We handed out the Founders awards, James E West, as well as many others but one of the most anticipated was the Vigil call out. By the end of the night, we had 14 Vigil candidates called out, and we were able to participate in some fantastic program including an escape room and real life “Among Us”.

I truly am looking forward to conclave, summer camp but most of all, our Summer Induction on August 20-22 at Beaumont Scout Reservation. I know it's going to be a fantastic weekend with the theme of salute to service and carrying the overall theme of Erielhonan Olympics. I hope many of you attend so you can experience another amazing weekend together.

My final message is keep smiling. I know especially with finals, work and summer getting so close, we tend to forget that but I believe if you keep smiling, It makes everything at least a little better. Even if it’s snowing in May. I look forward to seeing you all soon my friends.

Remember, do your best, to be prepared, to lead the adventure.

Trevor Halley

Lodge Chief