Ordeal Overview

The Ordeal is the process by which elected individuals become inducted into the Order of the Arrow. The central purpose of the Ordeal is to challenge the candidate to undertake challenges symbolic of the virtues of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service; and in so doing, make them believe that they can and should apply these virtues to their everyday lives.

Packing List

Here are the things you need to bring (and ones you don't!) for an Ordeal:

Be prepared to carry all gear around camp all weekend long and to sleep "under the stars." Any outside food and/or extra camping gear (other than that mentioned above) is prohibited. Those with medical, physical, or nutritional needs must make those known so proper arrangements can be made.

Some things you should NOT bring include:

Event Schedule

*Specifics may change by event*


7:00 PM - Check-In Opens

9:00 PM - Cracker Barrell

10:00 PM - Ordeal Begins


7:00 AM - Wake Up/Breakfast

8:00 AM - Service Projects Begin

11:30 AM - Lunch

Noon - Return to Service

2:00 PM - Ordeal Ceremony

3:00 PM - Program Begins

5:30 PM - Dinner

7:00 PM - Evening Program Begins

11:00 PM  - Lights Out


8:00 AM - Continental Breakfast, Check Out Opens

Directions To Our Camps

Each Ordeal opportunity takes place at one of our two beautiful council properties.  The addresses for both camps can be found below:

Beaumont: 2429 OH-45, Rock Creek, OH 44084

Firelands (Wyandot Entrance): 52500 Bates Rd, Wakeman, OH 44889 

Questions? Contact Us

Any questions you may have can be sent to our Membership team by email at membership@erielhonan.org or the Lodge Adviser at lodgeadviser@erielhonan.org.