Training & Opportunities

Training/Educational Resources:

1. New Members & Brotherhood Conversion:

New Ordeal Members can learn more about the Order of the Arrow. Also, the Jump Start Website goes through all the requirements for those wishing to move forward and become a Brotherhood member:

2. Conclave:

Conclave is a fun weekend where the Lodges of the Section come together for training, competition, and fellowship. A great event for every Arrowman.


A multi-Section run event for all Arrowmen looking to be or are identified as leaders within the lodge.

4. National Events / Resources:

Lodge Leadership Development:

Resources for the Local Lodge Leadership Training.

OA Training Central:

All the different OA training opportunities and resources in one place.


1. Lodge Active Arrowman Award:

An Award given to those that fulfill requirements from the Lodge.

Presented at the Winter Banquet.

2. Order of the Arrow High Adventure:

High Adventure Camping, Hiking, Watercraft, and more.

3. NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference):

A MUST GO! The Event of all Events. Training, Fun, Competition, Fun, Fellowship, Fun, Patch Trading, Fun, and oh so much more. Did we mention Fun?