Covid-19 Virtual Service Project

Post date: Apr 22, 2020 12:17:03 AM

Fellow Arrowmen,

Join us in a virtual service project this month to help feed members of our community.

The Covid-19 situation has resulted in extraordinary job losses and disruption of income for thousands of Ohioans, including many in the cities and towns that make up the Lake Erie Council and Erielhonan Lodge.

As a result, food insecurity is a growing problem. Many people don’t know where they will get food to feed their family. Groups are setting up food pantries to help, but they need donated food items to distribute.

That’s where you come in. Between now and Saturday, April 25, please do the following:

    1. Find a food pantry in your community, possibly an established food bank or maybe a new drop-off location set up for Covid-19 donations, such as schools, churches, or synagogues. Contact them to see if they are accepting food or monetary donations and what items they need the most.

    2. When your family buys groceries (online, delivered, or at the store), get a few extra items of shelf-stable foods. Examples include pasta dishes, boxed meals, rice, beans, cereal, peanut butter, canned vegetables, canned/packaged chicken/tuna, cooking oil, or even pet food.

    3. Deliver the items to the food bank. Many have boxes or other means for you to make the drop in a safe, socially-distant manner. As you deliver the items, take a selfie.

    4. Post the photo to one of the lodge’s social media accounts. Tag @erielhonanlodge on Facebook and Twitter, or erielhonanlodge on Instagram. Use the hashtags #OA-EL and #LoveOneAnother.

If your family isn’t planning a grocery run soon, another option is to make a monetary donation to the food pantry. Take a selfie as you’re making the donation. That’s also the best choice if your local center isn’t currently accepting food items from the general public.

Post your selfie on social media to report your donation by Saturday, April 25. That allows you to participate in the service project for the Lake Erie Council’s 2020 Scouting at Home Camporall that day. (To learn more, head to the camporall page on the council’s website,

Thanks for making a difference in our community!

Yours in cheerful service,

Evan Richwalsky | Lodge Chief

Joe Wollet | Lodge Adviser