Kittan Chapter

Translation - Great River

Geographic Area - Service Area 1 (District Grand River and Headwaters)


The Kittan Chapter is the result of the merge of Stigwandish and T'sgoli Ama Chapters - both legacy chapters of Wapashuwi Lodge 56.

Chapter Event

December 29th - Whirlyball (

January - 3rd Annual Kittan Chapter Bowling Event (specific date to be determined)

Chapter Meeting

December 12, 2019


Jeff Trumbull

Alek Bott

Chuck Overberger

Braden Webster

Adam Webster

Matt Webster

Adam Burnham (165)

This months meeting was a good one, the Chapter Leadership put together a tentative plan for the 2020 calendar year. Below are the items that were agreed on for upcoming events and meetings.

1. Beginning in January the monthly planning meeting will alternate between the Willoughby Roundtable and the Geneva Roundtable in an attempt to service both sides of the chapter. January's meeting will be at the Willoughby Roundtable, followed in February in Geneva and so on through the year.

2. Our next event is the 3rd Annual Kittan Bowling Event, it will be held at Rollhouse of Wickliffe. Click the link for more information and to register, cost is $10 BRING YOUR OA BROTHERS.

3. Reminder that your 2020 dues are due, pay them online at

4. The Chapter is still looking for a Chapter Secretary, if interested please send a message to

5. Election Training - training for unit elections will be held at the next Willoughby Roundtable on 1/8 @

Grace Episcopal Church

36200 Ridge Rd

Willoughby, OH 44094

and at the next Geneva Roundtable on 1/9 @

Geneva United Methodist Church

89 S Broadway

Geneva, OH 44041

Tentative Activity Schedule for 2020

January 4 - Bowling

February 1 - Winter Banquet

February 22 - Sap Camp

March 15 - Eagle Scout Banquet

April 24-26 - Lodge Induction Weekend

May 29-31 - Conclave

June 13 - Day/Night at Stig (OA Circle)

July ?? - Summer Camp Induction

August 3-8 - NOAC

August 21-23 - Lodge Induction Weekend

September 12-13 - Vigil Weekend

September ?? -

October 16-18 - Fall Fellowship/Office Elections

Chapter Leadership Positions


Last Updated: 4/4/2021

Past Meeting Notes:

November 14, 2019


This is the summary of the 11/14 Kittan Chapter Leadership Planning Meeting.


Alek Bott (Chief)

Braden Webster (VC of Program)

Jeff Trumbull (Advisor)

Joe Wollet (thank you for attending)

Bill Baker

Matt Webster

A lot of items were discussed. We are moving forward with the plan for the 3rd Annual Kittan Chapter Bowling Event; details to follow. Target date is 1/4/20, 1/11/20 or 1/18/20. Target individual cost is $10. Location to be determined based on what is available and for what cost. That information should be known before the next planning meeting on 12/12. This year's event, unlike the first two, will be open to the entire lodge.

Other potential events for 2020 are:

1. Pioneer Waterland

2. Indoor Rock Climbing (Cleveland Rock Gym or Kendall Cliffs)

3. Skyzone

4. White Water Rafting (Ohio Pyle)

5. Canoe/kayak locally

6. Stigwandish/Beaumont OA Circle Service

7. Laurel Caverns

8. Peak N Peak

9. Shooting

10. Kalahari (with a weekend at Firelands)

With the LLD coming up on 11/23, there will be opportunities for Kittan to team up with one or more of the other chapters to host some of these events once they are comfortable with the 2020 overall lodge calendar.

December 29th, is a Lodge-wide Whirleyball event, we would like to seed at least two teams available to compete and have fun. Each team is 5 players, therefore goal is 10 Kittan participants. See the lodge newsletter for more information.

The Chapter is still looking for a Chapter Secretary, if you are interested please send and email to

Our next planning meeting will be in the form or a Skype call on Tuesday night, 11/26.

The next face to face meeting will be at the December Roundtable at Geneva United Methodist Church at 7pm on 12/12.

Please keep close eye on these messages as they come through, there will be important information and dates for the operation of the Kittan Chapter.