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Scouts BSA: 2

Cub Scouts: 5&6

The Guardian


Chapter Meetings

We are currently restructuring our meetings to only be at events.

Chapter Newsletter (Archive at the bottom of this page)

The Wewoapisak Newsletter is a publication that's distributed at all chapter events and other relevant functions. It's a perfect way for chapter members to stay up to date on what's going on within the chapter/lodge. It's also a perfect tool for unit leaders to take back to their unit's OA Representative. It's basically a highlight of everything important which the OA Representative can then read off to the unit to keep everyone up to date.

Wewoapisak Chapter Service Request Form (See form at the bottom of this page)

The Order of the Arrow is a service organization that strives to provide service to scouting on all levels, including the service area. In order to fulfill this mission the Wewoapisak Chapter has released a service that enables unit leaders & service area event organizers to request help from the Wewoapisak Chapter of Erielhonan Lodge. If you're interested in this service the form to use it is posted at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Chapter Events:

Adrenaline Monkey:

Members of Erielhonan Lodge, come join the Wewoapisak Chapter for an evening of fun at Adrenaline Monkey! Try your hand at their ninja courses, parkour course, warped wall, climbing walls, and more! Please fill out the linked waiver to be able to participate and make sure to wear athletic clothing. Pizza and soda will be provided. Check out the registration page linked below!

When? TBD

Where? 26800 Renaissance Parkway

Cleveland, OH 44128

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Chapter Leadership

Chapter Chief: Desmond T.

Vice Chief: OPEN

Secretary: OPEN

Chapter Adviser: Mr. Brian Shaffer

Associate Adviser: Mr. Brian Leroy

Email: wewoapisak@erielhonan.org

Translated from Lenni Lenape, Wewoapisak is a Guardian

The Hope Memorial Bridge is a treasured part of Cleveland's rich transportation heritage. The Art Deco figures carved in the sandstone pylons on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge have stood guard over east-west traffic since 1932. Their name comes from Wilbur Watson, the bridge’s engineer, who wrote that the eight figures were meant to “typify the spirit of progress in transportation.” Each guardian holds a different vehicle in his hand, representing the history of ground transport.

Cleveland Magazine: The Guardians of Traffic

Last Updated: 4/22/2018